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Chives Seeds

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    Chives Seeds

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    Elevate your garden with our Chives Seeds. This pack is a dream come true with 200 high-quality seeds, ensuring a robust chive harvest. Add a touch of freshness to your culinary creations or create stunning borders. Embrace the joy of growing and savor the rewards of your thriving herb garden.


    I am absolutely thrilled with my smart garden! The quality and performance have far exceeded my expectations. Very easy to set up and then the maintenance has been next to nothing. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys gardening and cooking!

    Scott J.

    Prompt delivery and communication. Product was well packaged and instructions easy to follow. Results have been very positive so far. Happy with the purchase.

    Drew M.

    I received my Smart Garden in April and have been absolutely loving it ever since. I love watching the progress of my plants every day and of course using them in my cooking! I would definitely recommend this product.

    Shirley S.

    This product has worked very well for our family so far and my kids have been very interested in watching the plants grow. Thank you for this great addition to our kitchen.

    Wendy P.

    Basil and Italian parsley growing very well so far. I want to try chives, coriander and mint next. It has been an enjoyable process so far and the product works exactly as it says on the box.

    Steven E.

    My son has taken charge of the first project with our smart garden and is very excited by the progress his plants have made. Changing the light cycles made a big difference to encourage flowering and it wont be long before we have peppers ready to eat.

    Joyce A.