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GreenGenius Smart Garden Kit including Smart Soil Pods

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What's In The Kit
  • Grow Deck and Tank
  • 24W LED Grow Light
  • Water Pump
  • NZ Power adapter
  • Water Level Indicator
  • 11 x Smart Soil Pods
  • 11 x Grow Baskets
  • 11 x Seedling Domes
  • 11 x Germination Lids
  • 11 x Basket Covers
  • 11 x Plant Labels
  • Seed Tweezers
  • 12 Month Warranty

Width: 409mm

Height: 328mm - 492mm

Depth: 210mm

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Free nationwide shipping within NZ.

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GreenGenius Smart Garden Kit including Smart Soil Pods
GreenGenius Smart Garden Kit including Smart Soil Pods
GreenGenius Smart Garden Kit including Smart Soil Pods
GreenGenius Smart Garden Kit including Smart Soil Pods
GreenGenius Smart Garden Kit including Smart Soil Pods

Product Details

Unlock the full potential of indoor gardening with the GreenGenius Smart Garden. From its user-friendly operation to the convenience of smart soil and adjustable lighting, every aspect is designed to elevate your gardening journey. Create a lush and vibrant oasis, and embark on a fulfilling plant-growing experience today!

Easy to Use

No green thumb required! The GreenGenius Smart Garden is designed for effortless operation, allowing anyone to achieve gardening success. Simply plug it in, add water, add seeds and watch your plants flourish.

Smart Soil

Our advanced smart soil takes care of your plants' nutritional needs. Enriched with slow-release nutrients, it provides a balanced diet for up to 3 months. Say goodbye to constant feeding and monitoring, and hello to thriving plants with minimal effort.

Large Water Tank

Keep your plants hydrated without constant refilling. The GreenGenius features a huge 4.7-litre water tank, providing a sufficient water supply for extended periods. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your plants are well-nourished.

Grow up to 11 Plants at Once

Unlock the potential of your gardening space. With the GreenGenius, you can grow up to 11 plants simultaneously, creating a lush oasis in any corner of your home.

High Spectrum Light

Harness the power of optimised lighting. The GreenGenius features a 24W LED grow light with three spectrum options (1280/2900/4000K), replicating natural sunlight to support healthy growth and abundant blooms. Embrace energy efficiency and adjustable lighting to meet your plants' unique requirements.

Intelligent Water Pump

With the intelligent water pump, your plants receive the perfect amount of hydration, eliminating the guesswork. The pump will automatically turn on every 30 minutes, increasing circulation and oxygen content ensuring your plants have healthy roots. The pump is super quiet, you will hardly notice it operating.

Timer Modes and Planting Days Display

Take full control of your plants' lighting schedule. The timer modes allow you to customise the light cycle to suit each growth stage. Additionally, the planting days display keeps you informed about your plants' progress, ensuring you stay up to date with their development.

Time, Temperature, and Humidity Display

Stay in sync with your plants and environment. The GreenGenius Smart Garden features a local time display, as well as temperature and humidity indicators, providing valuable insights for optimal plant care.

Water Shortage Alert and Vacation Mode

The GreenGenius features a water shortage alert on the display panel prompting you to top up the water when the level gets too low. Vacation mode is ideal for those who are away from home for extended periods or for when you are away on holiday.

Height Adjustable

Adapt your garden to different plant sizes and growth stages effortlessly. The GreenGenius is height adjustable, from 15 cm to 35 cm making it very accommodating to the size of your plants.

5-Step Dimmable

Customise your lighting environment to perfection. The GreenGenius offers a 5-step dimmable feature, allowing you to adjust the light intensity based on your plants' preferences, ensuring optimal growth and health.

100% Organic Growing with No Pesticides

Embrace nature's purity. The GreenGenius promotes organic gardening by providing a pesticide-free environment for your plants. Enjoy your fresh produce knowing that its free from harmful chemicals.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sandra Clarkson
No more pests

Having always struggled with battling pests eating my vegetable crops, it is great to have an option of growing indoors without the need for nasty pesticides. I have bought two units now and they are both performing well.

Maria Lopez
Thank you

I just wanted to exporess my gratitude for the very speedy delivery from Smart Gardens. I ordered my unit on Monday afternoon and had it at my door step the next morning!

Jonathan Moore
Works well

I am impressed with the unit so far, easy enough to assemble and the results have happened fairly quickly. I will continue to monitor the progress but so far so good.

Simon Frankton
Awesome product

I am very happy with my smart garden. Living in an apartment means I have limited space to grow herbs and vegetables successfully, my smart garden well and truly solves that problem, awesome product!

Graeme Irving
Nice Compact Unit

Great little unit. Downside is the instructions. Vey little information. Looks like a photocopy of the original manual. Would have liked a bit more info about the settings. Especially the lighting