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Smart Soil replacement pods (EasyHarvest)

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    Smart Soil Pods - Nutrient-Rich Solution for Optimal Plant Growth in Smart Indoor Gardens
    Smart Soil Pods - Nutrient-Rich Solution for Optimal Plant Growth in Smart Indoor Gardens
    Smart Soil Pods - Nutrient-Rich Solution for Optimal Plant Growth in Smart Indoor Gardens

    Product Details

    Eight pack of replacement Smart Soil pods for the EasyHarvest Smart Garden.

    Introducing our revolutionary Smart Soil with slow release nutrients. These innovative pods are designed to provide optimal nutrition to your plants, ensuring robust growth and bountiful harvests, all while taking the guesswork out of plant care.

    Experience the future of hydroponic gardening with our Smart Soil pods.  Enjoy the convenience, efficiency, and exceptional growth that these innovative pods bring to your smart garden. Say goodbye to complicated feeding routines and hello to healthy, thriving plants—all with the power of our Smart Soil pods. Start your journey towards a greener, more sustainable future today!

    Ready-to-Use Smart Soil

    Packed with 2-3 months' worth of nutrients, these smart soils ensure that your plants receive all the nourishment they need. What's even better is that these soils have been thoroughly tested for toxicity by SGS, so I you be confident that they are safe for your plants and the environment.

    Optimal Growth Condtions

    With a large 45mm diameter allowing for improved aeration, your plants' roots can enjoy optimal porosity and better ventilation, resulting in healthier growth. Watch your plants flourish and thrive in this environment.

    User Friendly

    Soak your Smart Soil pod in water for 45 seconds to allow it to absorb and expand slightly. Place your seeds into the small hole in the top of the pod, insert the pod into the specially designed plant basket and fill the water tank. Then just plug it in and let nature work its magic.

    Perfectly Suited For Your Smart Garden

    Our Smart Soil pods are specifically designed for Smart Garden systems. Guaranteed to seamlessly integrate into each system, ensuring perfect performance and results that speak for themselves.

    Versatile Usage

    Whether you want to grow aromatic herbs like basil, dill, rosemary, thyme, and oregano, or indulge in cultivating delicious fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, cherry radishes, lettuce, and bok choy, these smart soils have got you covered. Additionally, they are also suitable for nurturing beautiful flowers such as petunias, pansies, and sunflowers.

    Advantages Galore

    The benefits of using our Smart Soil pods are numerous. Not only do they provide the perfect pH for seed starter pods, ensuring optimal germination, but their loose design also promotes healthy root breathing. Furthermore, they contribute to a cleaner planting experience, making the entire gardening period more enjoyable.


    I am absolutely thrilled with my smart garden! The quality and performance have far exceeded my expectations. Very easy to set up and then the maintenance has been next to nothing. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys gardening and cooking!

    Scott J.

    Prompt delivery and communication. Product was well packaged and instructions easy to follow. Results have been very positive so far. Happy with the purchase.

    Drew M.

    I received my Smart Garden in April and have been absolutely loving it ever since. I love watching the progress of my plants every day and of course using them in my cooking! I would definitely recommend this product.

    Shirley S.

    This product has worked very well for our family so far and my kids have been very interested in watching the plants grow. Thank you for this great addition to our kitchen.

    Wendy P.

    Basil and Italian parsley growing very well so far. I want to try chives, coriander and mint next. It has been an enjoyable process so far and the product works exactly as it says on the box.

    Steven E.

    My son has taken charge of the first project with our smart garden and is very excited by the progress his plants have made. Changing the light cycles made a big difference to encourage flowering and it wont be long before we have peppers ready to eat.

    Joyce A.